Water / Wastewater - 479.253.7211 / 479.244.6379
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The Water / Wastewater Department is responsible for the oversight of the District's water and wastewater system.


Water is pumped from three deep wells and distributed to 1,300 customers throughout the community in approximately 69 miles of water line. Wastewater is collected and pumped via 27 sewer lift stations to the District's wastewater treatment plant located at the HISID Maintenance Complex.


The department is responsible for responding to requests for new service, repairing and/or replacing water and wastewater line breaks and leaks, operating the wastewater treatment plant in accordance with regulatory guidelines, and reading water meters.


The existing water distribution system is serving approximately 1,575 meters. All water is obtained from deep water wells in the confined Rubidoux aquifer.


The Island has one well (well #1), which is utilized for all potable water needs on the island and is isolated from the rest of the mainland wells by water valves. The mainland utilizes three wells (well #2, 4 & 5), although well #2 is not currently in use. There are six storage tanks providing a total of approximately 1.58 million gallons of water for emergency and peak demand.


The distribution system consists of water pipes ranging in size from 2 to 8 inches. This results in 69 miles of exiting distribution system waterlines. The system does have extreme elevation differences, and has 36 pressure reducing valves.

Due to increased flows and stricter permit limitations rehabilitation of the existing Wastewater Treatment Plant was done in 2009.


The new design is an Ovivo Carousel System that solves the problem the District was facing. On average we treat 250,000 gallons a day. This flow comes from a series of 27 lift stations and gravity main through out the system. With this new plant we are able to meet and exceed the permit requirements set by the State. The final effluent is discharged into Table Rock Lake.

To report water service interruptions, contact this department.


Water billing questions, new service connections, and shut-off requests are addressed through the HISID District Office at 479-253-9700. For emergencies after hours/weekends, call our pager 479-244-6379 (this is a local number).


HISID Maintenance Complex

8 Elm Lane / Holiday Island, AR 72631



Fax: 479-253-0747

Water Superintendent



Dan Schrader


Dan Schrader has been involved in the Water/ Wastewater field over 25 years.


Schrader first started working for the City of Greenwood, AR. After being there for 10 years, he accepted the position of Superintendent for Three Lakes Water and Sanitation District in Grand Lake, Colorado, before moving back to Arkansas.




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