Business Services
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a wide variety of businesses are located within our boundaries--offering convenient access to services


Many businesses are at "The Park" shopping center across from the Holiday Island entrance on Highway 23, with others situated along Woodsdale Drive near the lake. These include a large supermarket, a discount department store and pharmacy, a well-stocked hardware store, a US Post Office, several restaurants, banks, a gas station/convenience store, realtors, vacation home/condo rental agencies, a motel, a HVAC installation/repair business, and many others.


The following services are available on Holiday Island:

  • Assisted Living Facility (2)
  • Auto Maintenance/Repair 
  • Banking
  • Barber Shop
  • Boat Maintenance/Repair/Storage
  • Building Contractor
  • Chimney Cleaning/Repair
  • Computer Repair/Consulting
  • Convenience Store + Gas/Diesel Station
  • C.P.A. Consulting/Tax Preparation (2)
  • Door/Screen Repair
  • Financial Consulting/Investing
  • Fishing Guide
  • Fitness Center
  • Grocery Store + Deli/Café
  • Hair Salon (2)
  • Hardware Store
  • Hearing Aid Clinic
  • House Cleaning Service
  • HVAC Installation/Maintenance
  • Insurance Agency
  • Marina
  • Massage Therapist
  • Out Patient Occupational
  • Pet Grooming / Training
  • Physical Therapy Clinic
  • Plumber
  • Real Estate (3)
  • Restaurant/Café (3)
  • Storage Outside/Inside for Vehicles, Trailers, Personal Property
  • US Post Office
  • Wellness Center