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The Road Department is responsible for all District transportation structures.


This includes 73 miles of asphalt, chip/seal and gravel road surfaces, rights-of-way, drainage, signage, District parking lots, maintenance and surfacing. In addition, the Road Department is also responsible for the majority of vehicle maintenance for the District.

Driveway culvert, road repair, road cut and mowing questions should be directed to this office.



HISID Maintenance Complex:

10 Elm Lane / Holiday Island, AR 72631



Kenny DeHart is our Roads Superintendent.


Originally from Southern California, DeHart was in the Operating Engineers Union when he moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1980. He lived in the Springdale/Fayetteville area working for a Dirt Contractor and also owned his own dump truck business until 1999.


DeHart relocated to Eureka Springs and lived there for 6 years. He has worked for the Holiday Island Roads Department since May of 2000. In 2006, he & his wife bought a house in Holiday Island, where they currently reside.